Committee Recommendations for 2015-16 Season Appointments

President David Staines
Chairman Gerry Heapy
Secretary Vacancy
Treasurer Vacancy
Chief Steward Cathy James
Stadium Manager Stuart James
Membership Secretary Donna Chivers
Senior Men’s Secretary Bernie Johnson /Dave Staines
Senior Women’s Secretary Natalie LeBeau/Lucy Howes
Young Athletes Secretary Karl Sumun/Kelvin Stone
Coaching Secretary Cathy James
Equipment Officer Sue Lawrence
Press Officer including Social Media Marie Splarn
Trophies Secretary Vacancy
Fixtures Secretary Gary Chivers
Sports Council & Essex Network Representative Chris Jessener
Social Secretary Vacancy
Child Welfare Officer- Men’s Dave Staines
Child Welfare Officer- Women’s Jill Boosey
Officials Secretary Shelley Jameson


Three Vice Presidents elected by the AGM from the Vice Presidents list as per rule 11, These are currently:

  • Les Ball
  • Stan Eves
  • Brenda Stone

Nominations for vacancies from parents and members are welcomed for approval at the AGM.

Should you wish to put forward an individual for nomination please use the nomination form below.

Please provide details to any current Committee member for inclusion at the AGM.

There is a small increase to membership fees which incorporates the rise in UKA affiliation fees. Season ticket prices remain the same.

Membership forms can also be obtained from the clubhouse.

You will be able to immediately commence payments to me at the clubhouse on Tuesdays and Thursdays, whatever sum suits, whenever it suits you, to achieve full payment by 1st April 2015. I would remind you that all outstanding payments are due for completion by 1st May after which you become a defaulter under UKA rules.

In the unlikely event that you wish to resign please do so prior to the AGM to avoid incurring 2015-16 charges. An early notification would be appreciated as we do have significant waiting lists for athletes wanting to join.

We look forward to seeing you all at the AGM.

Should you have any questions then please contact any Committee member for assistance.

Best Regards

Donna Chivers
Membership Secretary