Success all round for all at Thurrock Harriers!

Thurrock athletes teamed together to pull out all the stops at their home ground when completing in the first SAL (Sat) and EYAL (Sun) of the year and it was well worth it! as they topped the points table in both events.

The stadium welcomed Watford, Braintree & District, Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets and Ilford Athletics club on Saturday for the first Senior Athletics League event of the Year. Thurrock came first overall with total points of 285, which is a fantastic achievement and many senior athletes gained new SBs & PBs throughout the day aswell as the sought after points, despite the horrible weather.

Individual Results

Men’s Relay 4 x 100m 45.8s 1st, 4 x 400m 3.47.2s 2nd.

Scott Rice SB 2000m Steeple Chase 7.04.4s 1st

Don Lawless SB 2000m Steeple Chase 8.29.2s 2nd

Dan George SB 1.70m High Jump 2nd, SB Shot Putt 10.29m 1st, SB Discus 28.24m 1st.

Mark Jenkins PB 1.50m High Jump 3rd, SB 17.18m Hammer 2nd

Glen Rawlinson SB 38.01m Javelin 2nd

Nigel Instance SB 30.98m Javelin 1st

John Metcalfe 5000m 19.43.1s 3rd

Alec Finch 800m 2.01.1s 1st

Gary Cahill 800m 2.11.6s 1st

Nweike Nwabude SB 100m 11.5s 1st, Long Jump 5.93m 2nd

Yinka Sodipo 200m 23.3s 1st

Luke Strudwick SB 400m 61.7s 5th, 400mHurdles SB 73.3s 73.3s 2nd

Jack Farmer SB 400m 57.3s  3rd

Michael Shorthall SB Triple Jump 11.21m 2nd, SB 200m 24.3s  3rd, SB 110mHurdles 17.1s 1st, 400m Hurdles 60.1s 2nd, SB Long Jump 5.79m 1st.

Ben Gibbs PB 110m Hurdles 20.1s 1st, PB Triple Jump 12.62m 1st, SB Hammer 29.29m 2nd, SB Discus 19.84m 2nd, SB High Jump 1.60m 1st, SB Shot Putt 8.93m 1st, SB 100m 11.3s 2nd, SB Pole Vault 1.50m 3rd,

Sue Lawrence SB Hammer 36.80m 2nd, SB Javelin 24.94m 2nd, Shot Putt 9.37m 2nd

Jessica Whitbread PB Discus 22.73m 3rd, Triple Jump 9.95m 2nd, High Jump 1.25m 1st

Rhea Stavri PB Javelin 22.74m 1st

Kendrea Nwaelene PB Long Jump 5.08m 1st, Matched SB 100m 12.9s 1st

Natalie Le Beau 100m 13.6s 1st, Long Jump 4,95m 1st

Lucie Ball 800m 2.40.3s 2nd

Brooke Mensah 1500m 5.32.5s 1st

Jodie Farrell SB 1500m 5.57.3s 1st

Lucy Howes PB 400m 73.4s 4th, SB Triple Jump 9.03m 1st, Shot Put 8.06m 1st, High Jump 1.45m 1st

There was a huge turn out for the first Eastern Youth Athletics League on Sunday, where Thurrock also came top of the leader board with a whopping 710 points.

Thurrock competed against Chelmsford, Southend, Colchester, Braintree & District, Norwich, Hertford & Ware. Many young athletes took part in track & field events that they enjoy, as well as having a go at events they have never tried before, other athletes completed in higher age group, some surprised themselves and gained new PBs as well as gaining valuable points for the team and it was well worth it.


Individual results

U17 Women Relay 4 x 100m 3rd 53.1s PB!

(Jessica Whitbread, Alex Gordon, Kendrea Nwalene & Fumi Olajide)

Fumi Olajide PB 100m 13.2s 2nd, Outdoor SB High jump 1.50m 1st, Long Jump

Tolani Odumosu PB 100m 14.3s n/s, PB Javelin 9.68m n/s

Kendrea Nwaelene PB 100m 12.6s 2nd, 200m 26.4s 2nd, Long Jump

Jessica Rowe PB Discus 15.70m n/s, SB 300m 52.2s 5th 1st

Amber Pullinger 800m 2.22.7s 1st

Maisy Webb SB High Jump 1.40m 1st, SB 300m 57.9 3rd, SB Javelin 12,42s 2nd

Alex Gordon PB Shot Put 8.59m 3rd, PB Discus 21.48m 3rd, SB 200m 29.8s 5th

Lucie Ball SB 1500m 5.32.3s 2nd

Danielle Ball PB Discus 13.59m n/s, PB Javelin 16.56m n/s, PB Shot Putt 7.71m n/s

Rhea Stavri Triple Jump 8.86m 1st, Javelin 22.61m 1st

Miya Thomas-Breen PB Shot Putt 5.56m 2nd, PB Hammer 20.32m 2nd, PB 100m 14.1s n/s

Olivia Mynett PB Shot putt 6.68m n/s, PB 300m 55.5s 4th

Jessica Whitbread PB 80mHurdles 13.2s 5th, Triple Jump 9.29m 2nd, Discus 17.79m 1st


Under 17 Men

4 x 100m Relay 2nd 48.7s

(Charlie Splarn, Emmanamuel Oreobela, Liam Chivers & Daniel Soyebo)

Liam Chivers PB 400m 55.8s 2nd, Long Jump 4.98m 4th PB Hammer 14.30m 1st

Emmanuel Orebela PB Long Jump 4.94m 2nd, 200m 26.8s 4th, High Jump 1.45m 2nd

Daniel Soyeba PB Triple Jump 11.87m 2nd, PB Discus 22.75m 2nd, 100m 12.2s 3rd

Charlie Splarn PB Shot Put 11.18m 1st, PB Javelin 31.51m 2nd, 100m 12.2s 3rd

Joe Logan PB 800m 2.17.6s 1st, PB 400m 64.5s 3rd

Jack Exley 800m 2.14.7s 4th

Taylor Newell 1500m 4.34.1s 3rd

Sarab Dhillon Matched PB 1500m 5.51.1 2nd

Kayode Odimosu PB Shot Put 9.49m 1st, PB Discus 19.72m 3rd, PB Javelin 22.20m 1st


Under 15 Girls

4 x 100m relay 55.0s 3rd

(Lola Omowanile , Ruby Bridger, Leisha Hunt & Evie Groom)

Emily Fall PB 100m 14.5m n/s, SB 800m 2,48.6s n/s

Abigail Pain PB Hammer 20.08m, Discus 15.70m 1st, Javelin 22.91m 6th

Megan Smith Javelin 18.29m 3rd, Hammer 20.43m 3rd, Discus 16.22m 4th

Ruby Bridger PB High Jump 1.40m 2nd, PB 75m Hurdles 12.3s 3rd, Shot Putt 7.34m 2nd

Lola Omowanile PB Shot Putt 9.86m 3rd, PB 200m 28.0s 3rd, Matched PB 100m 13.4s 2nd

Leisha Hunt PB 75m Hurdles 13.8s n/s, Long Jump 4.47m 2nd, 800m 2.54.7s 3rd

Sola Taiwo PB Long Jump 4.53m 3rd, PB 75m Hurdles 12.5m 3rd, High Jump 1.40m 2nd

Amy Raven 1500m 5.52.4s 2nd

Madisson Ball PB 200m 35.2s n/s, PB 75m Hurdles 18.2s n/s

Chloe Locke PB 100m 16.4s n/s, PB Discus 15.39m n/s, SB Javelin 10.21m n/s

Bibiana Obahor PB 100m 14.7s n/s

Evie Groom PB Shot Putt 7.62m n/s, Matched PB 100m 13.8s 3rd, PB Long Jump 4.07m n/s

Ellise Milan-Vega Matched PB  100m 14.5s n/s, Long Jump 3.89m n/s

Katie Wildish PB 200m 29.9m 5th, SB Javelin 18.26m n/s, High Jump 1.15m n/s

Tia Vickers PB 200m 33.1s n/s, PB Discus 12.86m n/s, High Jump 1.20m n/s

Claudia Lane-Gardiner PB 300m 49.4s 5th, PB 200m 31.3s n/s, PB 100m 14.5s n/s

Sarah Blockley 800m 2.41.3s 5th

Hayley Instance 1500m 5.00.5s 1st


Under 15 Boys

4 x 100m relay 51.9s 1st

(Theo Adesina, Daniel Ogutuga, Gbenga Adewole & Harry Parker)

Daniel Ogutuga PB 100m 11.9s 1st, 200m 25.2s 1st, High Jump 1.50m 1st

Gbenga Adewole PB 100m 15.0s 4th, Long Jump 3.63m 4th, PB 200m 31.3s n/s

Theo Adesina PB 200m 24.3s 1st, 80m Hurdles 12.0s 1st, High Jump 1.70m 1st

Harry Parker PB 300m 43.3s 2nd, PB 800m 2.14.7s 1st

Teddy Norcott PB 300m 52.5s 2nd, SB 800m 2.54.7s n/s

Henri Willett PB 800m 2.28.9s n/s, PB 300m 46.5s n/s

Mason Hambleton PB 800m 2.36.8s 2nd

Finlay lowe PB 800m 2.28.5s n/s

Leon Wheeler PB 1500m 4.35.1s 2nd, PB Javelin 22.03m 4th

Jamie Mack PB 1500m 5.12.9s 3rd

Ross Livingston 800m 2.48.2s n/s

Alex Marshall PB 100m 14.4s n/s, PB 200m 29.8s n/s

Luke Holgate PB Long Jump 3,34m 4th, PB Discus 8.84m 4th, SB 200m 33.1s n/s

Tom Farrell PB Shot Putt 4.80m 4th, PB Javelin 7.94m 4th, PB Discus 10.91m 4th


Under 13 Girls

4 x 100m 61.0s 3rd

(Funmi Adewole, Tilly Monk, Chloe Brand & Demi Eves)

Maddie Booty PB Shot Putt 3.57s 4th, PB Javelin 3.95m 4th

Leah Brewer PB 200m 32.7s n/s, PB Long Jump 3.29m 3rd

Funmi Adewole PB 100m 14.7s 3rd, PB 200m 29.7s 3rd, High Jump 1.25m 3rd

Chloe Brand PB 200m 29.7s 3rd, PB 100m 16.0s 6th, High Jump 1.25m 3rd

Demi Eves PB 200m 30.2s 1st, PB 800m 2.31.4s 1st

Hannah Peacock PB 800m 2.55.4s 3rd, PB Javelin 8.57m n/s

Tilly Monk PB 70m Hurdles 15.1s 4th, PB Discus 13.52m 1st, High Jump 1.10m 4th

Kinsey Lowe PB 800m 2.53.1s 6th,

Maya Gray PB Discus 7.87m 2nd, PB Shot Putt 4.17m 4th, PB Javelin 6.31m 6th


Under 13 Boys

4 x 100m 57.3s 1st

(Frances Omuwanile, Oreo Adepedba, Tosin Olajide & Sean Emeka)

Oreo Adepedba PB 75m Hurdles 12.9s 1st, PB Long Jump 4.45m 1st, High Jump 1.50m 1st

Frances Omuwanile PB 100m 13.6s 2nd, PB 200m 30.1s 4th, 75m Hurdles 16.0s 3rd

Tosin Olajide PB 100m 14.3s 2nd, Matched PB High Jump 1.25m 1st, Matched PB 200m 31.6s n/s

Sean Emeka PB 200m 29.3s 1st, PB Long Jump 4.07m 1st, PB 75m Hurdles 15.6s n/s

Sonny Vehit PB 800m 2.53.1s 6th

Bailey Geater PB 800m 3.05.2s 3rd, PB Javelin 17.58m n/s, PB Long Jump 2.94m n/s

Dylan Harrod PB 1500m 5.17.7s 3rd

Ben Cooper PB Discus 16.70m 3rd, Matched PB Shot Putt 6.22m 1st

Liam Norcott PB Discus 10.61m 2nd, PB Javelin 21.61m 4th

Jakub Kowalski PB Javelin 18.76m 1st, PB 75m Hurdles 16.1s n/s

Freddie Fitzearle PB 100m 18.0s n/s, 75m Hurdles 21.0s n/s, PB 200m 40.9s n/s

Daniel Lucking PB 100m 14.6s n/s, PB 200m 31.4s n/s

The Coaches and Committee members would like to say a Big thankyou to all of the athletes that took part and their friends/family who supported and encouraged athletes on the day, special thanks to those who volunteered to make the weekend run so smoothy. Thurrock hopes the support continues throughout the season and are looking forward to the next league maths in May.

Claire Whitbread